The Initiated Technique


Establishment in the Tradition

An Intensive Teacher Training

Start a life-changing journey.

This comprehensive one & one half / two year program dives deep into Vedic rituals, mantras, and the historic origins of this ancient practice.

It’s an exploration that will transform your understanding of meditation and yourself.

With incredible detail, we’ll develop your awareness, step-by-step, one-on-one, slowly unfolding & transmitting the essence of our 5000 year old tradition.

Expanding – in you – the origins of a masterful teacher, who not only teaches meditation, but enriches & deepens the life experience of every single person around them.

For me, there’s nothing better to teach.

To help the right person claim their natural place in the world.

There is nothing better.

Claim your wisdom. 

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Pure Dedication

One-on-one transmission of the tradition

This is just how passing on a tradition was supposed to be.

A teacher would take one student, & slowly unfold the pure essence of the knowledge. 

Step-by-step, each state of consciousness would be transmitted through careful, guided, individual instruction.

The barriers would be lifted away.

The student would understand, individually, what words can only hint towards.

They would embody that state of consciousness in their own unique way. 

And work would begin on the next layer of understanding.

It’s a minimal approach. Founded it perfect relationship between teacher and teacher-to-be.

Personal, clear, one-to-one development.

This rare & traditional kind of transmission will make you stand-out amoungst the meditation apps

Personal, clear, one-on-one transmission transcends the large scale meditation teacher trainings. 

Extensive knowledge in all Advanced Techniques

Learn how to teach the Initiated Technique that you’ve personally learned & be established in it’s tradition.
Additionally, you’ll learn …

Proficiency in beginner and advanced mantras

Mastery of siddhis and advanced practices

Certification in the ’rounding technique’ for leading weekend retreats

Expertise in Guru Puja with precise Sanskrit pronunciation and understanding

Access to rare ancient texts from the original Shankaracharya Matts

In-depth knowledge of layers of awareness for clear instruction

Strategies for safeguarding students from overwhelming experiences and managing emergent trauma

Techniques for maintaining authenticity while establishing your role as a teacher

Tools to enhance your personal meditation and spiritual practice

Clarity on traditional rules, forms, and structures for effective transmission of this esteemed practice

Confidence to inspire students through practice without self-promotion

Complete understanding of the origins of our Meditation methodology

Detailed understanding of each day of the four-day Vedic Meditation course

The Shankara Tradition

Over the last 10 years, I’ve spent thousands of hour getting to the deep roots of the tradition. Translated many dozens of rare ancient texts & made pilgrimages to have personal discussions with many masters from the Shankaracharya Matt tradition, from which Vedic and Transcendental meditation are based.   

Using this knowledge, I offer a insight into a consistent tradition spanning thousands of years, with more techniques and depth of knowledge than anything currently available in the West. 

With the training, you’ll have access to all this traditional, time-tested knowledge, it’s transformative effect on consciousness, and it’s practical modern application.

My goal is to make this the final training that you need. A unique & complete body of knowledge.

A training that empowers you with a living tradition that will support a lifetime of personal growth & learning. 

The Four Day Course

I’ve given this course more times than I can even remember. Taught all kinds of people, and carefully managed many unruly and difficult groups into a final understanding (and acceptance) of your foundational, initiated meditation technique. 

Hopefully you remember your course happily. Now it’s time for me to pass on the magic of how to ignite that spark of meditation in others. 

We’ll go through the Puja, (the initiation ceromony in which you recieve your mantra) in incredible detail. Which such depth that you’ll know it’s true meaning above and beyond simple memorization. 

We’ll master how to produce clear & insightful metaphors, just like those you may remember from your first day, (remember the feather example?).

We’ll explore all the difficult issues that arise, not only with meditation, but with people’s awareness development over months, years and decades. So much that you’ll be able to answer questions that many others in the field of conscious development cannot. 

We’ll highlight the importance of clear values, and how they help create students that will care & respect you for a lifetime. While giving you the tools to keep them consistent in meditation, when previous perspectives have weighed them down. 

Finally, we’ll cover how to create students that are self-empowered, that don’t need to constantly check-in for fear they’re doing it right. 

The four day course is a journey that, even after all these years, continues to fulfill me. I’m excited every time I hold it. It can always brighten my mood.

This uplifting feeling from holding the same four-day course for a decade is rare, I’ve heard. This is a shame, it should always be a joy to teach. And that’s really the essence this section of the training. 

It’s time to pass that same joy onto others.  

Program & Rough Outline 

The program focuses on transformation in your state of consciousness.

It’s a fact that mastery in the deeper aspects of meditation, all the advanced practices arose from a carefully cultivated & expansive awareness. 

All the yoga asana, all the chakras, all the meditation practices, all the rituals, all the awareness practices; had to come from somewhere. 

All these famous practices came from someone who had developed a deeper level of understanding themselves.

Something expanded their knowledge of their own inner & outer world.

A state of consciousness is the home to all practices. 

That will be our focus. And that’s how this training aims to end the need for the endless supply of teacher training’s & techniques. 

You’ll be given a path toward the home of all that knowledge.  




– Personalized Guidance Towards an Experience of Pure Transcendence –

– Step-by-step Instruction in the Laws of Karma & Vedanta –

– Clear Individual Tools in the Maintenance of a Daily Clear, Open, Grounded State –

– How to Masterfully Guide others into this State of Awareness –




– Personalised Guidance Towards an Experience of Pure Bliss –

– Step-by-step Instruction in Surrender, Yagya & the Subtle Senses –

– Clear Individual Tools in the Maintenance of a Daily Blissful, Wholehearted, Authentic State –

– How to Masterfully Guide others into this State of Awareness –




– Personalized Guidance Towards an Experience of Pure Vedic Consciousness –

– Step-by-step Instruction in Vedic Mythology, Veda/Text Interpretation, Mantra & Vedic Advaita Vedanta –

– Clear Individual Tools in the Maintenance of a State of Awareness that Feels Connected to All Laws of Nature –

– How to Masterfully Guide others into this State of Awareness –




– Personalized Guidance Towards an Experience of Pure Service to Life –

– Step-by-step Instruction in Vedic-Based Karma Yoga & Parushartha (how to be both teacher & householder)  –

– Clear Individual Tools in the Maintenance of an Inspired, Energetic & Powerful State of Awareness  –

– How to Masterfully Guide others into this State of Awareness –




– Personalized Guidance Towards an Experience of Pure Teacherhood –

– Step-by-step Instruction in the Embodiment of what it Means to be a Teacher  –

– Clear Individual Tools in the Maintenance of an Authoritative, Experienced, & Knowing State of Awareness  –

– How to Masterfully Guide Your Students into this State of Awareness –

Each training is unique & cultivated to your needs.

This is the benefit of direct teacher-to-student relationship – as it’s been for millennia.


  1. Over the years, I’ve thought deeply about how to incorporate these powerful traditional understandings into the life of someone born outside of Indian culture. In this training, you’ll benefit from these years of soul-searching, as I outline how you can live as a part of a deep tradition, yet apart from a tradition. Bringing your individuality, whilst maintaining integrity – and a healthy relationship to the origins of this foundational knowledge. 
  2. My intention has always been how to create a sustainable career, that functions as a lifestyle. One of our main focus in this training will be to find, deep down, the values you want to serve. And find sustainable ways to maintain them, whether those values are skepticism, family, wealth, creativity or simple service. I want to help you live the life you want to live through the skills taught here. This career shouldn’t be another prison, but honestly a chance to set yourself free.
  3. It’s so important to make space for yourself in all this. I teach how you can claim what you need from your journey, without shame, guilt, or dishonesty. The path of growth of a teacher is complicated. The idea is not only to give you the tools to teach, but how to let yourself be human to continue to learn, expand, grow & thrive as a teacher.

These are all things that held me back for years.

My goal is to truly support you through & beyond them.

Offer & Exchange

This may be one of the last times that I offer a training in this format.

Within the next year I’ll be working on a countryside retreat space, outside of students I already have, it’s unlikely that I’ll be looking for more for quite some time, as I focus on that area of life expansion.  

Also, I’m giving people the opportunity to learn at a discounted price. This means those who were sitting on the fence can seriously consider, before my attention for getting new students is diminished through countryside renovations & retreat location work!

If you were on the fence about this training, the time would be now.

  • Advanced Teacher Training
  • 20,000 €9,950 + VAT

    One Time
  • 1 1/2 years of 2 x weekly approximately 90min/120min sessions
  • Mastery in How to Teach Four Day Course
  • All Advanced Techniques
  • All Mantras & Puja Techniques
  • Lifelong Certification to Teach
  • Mastery in Student Guidance & Community Building
  • 10 day India Retreat/1 mth Intensive Rounding Retreat *Optional*
  • Book Q&A Call with Ed