A technique for better sleep

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Move towards a calmer mental environment for sleep with meditation

– Quick overview –

  • In our fast-paced, 24/7 world, sleep has become a problem-ridden topic, leaving many feeling exhausted and constantly sleep deprived

  • Everyday life makes us subject to a vast amount of overstimulation that is hard to shake off when bedtime comes around

  • The effortless practice of mediation, de-excites the nervous system and thereby creates a calmer mental environment that enables us to sleep longer and better

A widespread longing for better and longer sleep

Do you suffer from insomnia?

Is falling asleep a daily struggle?

Does your mind start whirring as soon as the lights go off, keeping you awake for hours?

Do you feel exhausted and constantly sleep deprived?

In our modern 24/7 world our sleep has become a problem-ridden issue and for many of us a source of constant worry and deep frustrations.

Electrification and with it the wide spread of artificial light has had a huge impact on our sleeping habits and the quality of our sleep.

Nowadays this process has accelerated even further, as we find ourselves surrendered by screens which flood our retinal cells with blue light and alter our sleep cycles and biological clocks.

It’s not only our bedtime habits that over-stimulate us and put us in a state of alertness.

Also our daytime activities and fast paced lives expose our nervous system to vast amount of agitation, that is hard to lay-off when bedtime comes around.

Evolutionary speaking, our nervous system hasn’t had the time to catch up and adapt to the requests of modern life.

It can become a viscous cycle – we need rest and the regenerating effect of sleep more than ever to balance out the demands and stresses we face in our daily life, but simultaneously the unprocessed noise and stress in our nervous system has a negative effect on the quantity and also the quality of our sleep.

A technique for better sleep

Daily Meditation offers our body, mind and nervous system access to rest, that is so profound, that it can balance out the negative effects of over-stimulation and allow our nervous system to re-generate.

By alleviating the background stress in our nervous system meditation can also lengthen our deep sleep cycles and increase our sleeping time.

Though there is no guarantee, a lot of participants of our courses are astonished, how after just a few meditation sessions, they notice an improvement of their sleep pattern and the quality and quantity of their sleep.

So if you suspect stress and the toll of modern living to be the underlying issue of your sleep disorder, you should give meditation a try, either with us or with someone else.