Migraine Relief with Meditation

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Meditation can be a massive help to migraine sufferers

– Quick overview –

  • Migraines are a complex neurophysiological disorder, for which and there is no universally effective treatment or cure

  • By pacifying and decompressing any over-excitability of the nervous system mediation can offer natural, drug free relief

Migraine – a headache disorder with a severe impact on daily life

Anyone who has ever suffered from migraine headaches knows too well the extent of extreme pain and misery it can put you in and what an enormous impact this condition can have your professional and personal life.

Migraine patients are genetically predisposed to an unnatural level of sensitivity within neurons receptors in the brain.

Whenever these neurons receptors get triggered, they set off a migraine attack, that can last anything from 4 hours to several days.

Besides the severe and painful headaches, migrane patients also expierence symptoms such as disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, sound and smells, nausea and vomiting.

Although, the triggers of a migraine episode can be numerous, stress is cited as one of the most common ones, as well as fatigue and hormonal fluctuations and imbalances brought about by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and the menopause

How meditation can help migraine patients

The great potential of meditation lies in it’s ability to provide reliable access to profound rest, that pacifies our nervous system and decompresses any over-excitability of the neurons that can trigger or aggravate a migraine.

By alleviating underlying stress, meditation can also help diminish other stress-related migraine triggers such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, depression and anxiety.

In addition meditation is known to stimulate cerebral blood flow, which can help relieve an approaching migraine attack.

If you suffer from migraines with auras, meditating at the beginning of a an aura can prevent the arrival of the headache.

But also meditating in the midst of a migraine headache is recommended, as it is often found to provide outstanding pain relief and reduce rehabilitation time.

Meditation for migraine relief – an individual path

As a migraine patient you probably know to well about the complicated nature of this condition.

It’s exact cause is still unknown to science today and there is no universally effective treatment or cure.

With migraine the path to relief and prevention is an individual one.

So the only way to know if Daily Meditation will work for you is to take the leap and try it out for yourself.

With our students the feedback has been throughly positive, many of which use meditation on the first sign of an approaching episode to alleviate the onset of a migraine and diminish pain.

A big advantage is that after taking our course, you will be able to practice our technique self-sufficiently wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter if you are at the airport just about to embark a long-haul flight, hiking up in the mountains or at your work place, whenever you sense the onset of a migrane attack all you need is a place to sit comfortably.