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Daily Meditation Berlin

Learn meditation from qualified teachers – Get the tools you need to meditate daily on your own.

Meditation Courses in Berlin available for total beginners, all the way to up to advanced levels.


Start Meditating Today

Find out how easy it can be to get, (and stay!) on track with a consistent, daily meditation practice in 3 Simple Steps ...  

Your First Step


Don’t surf the internet forever,

Save time. Get your Free Basic Intro Course and experience the Daily Meditation structure Now.

Join our famous Meditation Berlin Free Basic online intro – it’s 45minutes of High Quality Video & Instruction with Free Events in Berlin Each Month.

Step #2


Enjoy your Free Intro!

Learn to experience meditation for yourself without dependence on teachers or apps.

Discover how we teach meditation and how it works for you.

Step #3


Contact us .. If you want to.

We’ll be here one day if you want to put a ring on it and learn face-to-face.

Our 1# priority is to help motivate you to start meditating daily and consistently – whether you eventually join on of our paid four-day courses in Berlin is up to you.

So that’s about it!


Get a Free, High-Quality, Basic Intro Course


… then One Day, (Maybe … if you feel like it) Learn With Us!

Meet Our Teachers

Meet Eddie, the head instructor with Daily Meditation Berlin

right-quote… I believe in making meditation accessible, open for everyone, and practical for modern life – while offering the best of ancient techniques that have been refined over thousands of years.

, authenticity and trust is important for me in a teacher. While being open to fun, creativity, and spontaneity

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Some Recent Teacher Reviews

Daily Meditation Berlin Fallon-min


Owner, Booking Agency

“Having learnt how flexible meditation can be, re-booting my brain with a quick meditation between breaks is easy. I work smarter with less stress, helping me be more creative in my business.”

Reviewer Image


Yoga Teacher, Consultant

“I’m an active person, I like to get things done. The Daily Meditation Structure helps me get more organised without the stress and pressure I used to feel about meditating. More creativity, more happiness, less down times. I highly recommend the course!”

Some More Reviews ...

Reviewer Image


Director, Production Company

“I have a busy mind. It runs all over the place. Individual support & guidance for how I meditate really allowed me to “drop-in” and just meditate. Afternoon meditation is now something I look forward to.”

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Teacher, Photographer

“Course could not have come at a better time! I’ve been doing my own daily meditation practice for about 4 months now, but always felt that something was missing, or that it wasn’t achieving exactly what I wanted it to – but then I took the course and everything changed. Ed is a wonderful instructor who knows just how to phrase things …”

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HQ: Daily Meditation Berlin, Finowstraße 14, Berlin, 12045