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Recharge with Meditation

– Quick Overview –

  • In our demanding, fast-paced world many of us feel constantly exhausted and fatigued

  • Daily mediation provides our body and mind reliable access to profound rest, leaving us with overall higher energy levels 

Why an equilibrium between rest and action is so important

In our hyperactive, 24/7 world we seem to be on a constant energy high: fast and furious action movies, frenzy work climates, excessive partying, speed dating, and caffeine and energy drink fixes.

Yet the reality is that this hyper-vigilant lifestyle leaves many of us feeling exhausted and fatigued.

Sometimes, we even find ourselves addicted to excitement and stress because it keeps us going and if we were to stop we might have to acknowledge the underlying tiredness.

Our physical and metal energy are the greatest resources of our life.

If we feel a deficiency or an imbalance, it is important to address it and find equilibrium again. Especially for the long run.

The potential causes for fatigue are manifold and can range from dietary or hormonal issues to sleeping disorders.

Often we find chronic stress at the root of the problem.

Stress is an adaptation reaction of the body. If life gets dangerous or difficult, the body releases extra energy.

During a stress response hormones increase blood sugar, by releasing much of the glucose and simple proteins stored in our fat cells.

Simultaneously, our insulin secretion goes down. None of the food we’re currently digesting gets stored, but is either sent directly to the muscles, or if not yet fully broken down, is ejected from the system.

As soon as the emergency response is over, our bodies are left depleted of imitate energy resources and there is a rush to rebuild our energy stores with glucose and proteins.

That’s why after a stressfull event we often feel a ravenous craving for sugar, fats and other sources of imidiate energy.

These reacquiring waves of sudden bursts of energy followed by an episode of energy depletion of can over time lead to a chronic energy imbalance.

Rest is fuel for work. Why busy people meditate daily

Daily Meditation can help restore the equilibrium by providing our body and mind reliable access to profound rest.

During meditation our stresses melt away and we are left with overall higher energy levels, that empower us to face the demands of daily life with ease and tranquility.

After their very first meditation session many of our students are amazed how rested and energized they feel after just 20 min of effortless practice.