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Daily Meditation Berlin is based in Neukölln, with beginner meditation courses running in the area fortnightly.

With Neukölln’s “scene kiez” reputation, co-working scene, and culturally diverse inhabitants, people have become fascinated with the practice of daily meditation and an entire community of meditators can be found around the neighbourhood, meditating in parks, public transport, and at work.

If you’re in the area, and would like to join a group meditation, and meditate with others that have learned through us, simply contact using the speak with a teacher link.

Free meditation intro talks are consistently run, in which you get to know all about Daily Meditation Berlin and the teachers that work with us.

A teacher is available to present meditation to your co-workers, clients, or employees in a quick meditation presentation, where the practice is discussed and a few tools are passed on to help the people around you to work better with more clarity, focus and calm.

Free re-fresh sessions are available consistently in Neukölln for people who have taken a course with Daily Meditation Berlin.

Advanced courses or consultations are available with German & English speaking teachers there, and everything that you need to know, or any questions you have will be answered.


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