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You did it! All on your own …


It’s been six days. And no matter if you meditated daily – or missed a few due to circumstance – your intention is strong and you’re here. 

Well Done. You’ve got a fighting spirit.

Let’s begin a new meditation structure together – a 15minute unguided, basic practice.

Unguided Audio

The First Step To Becoming Independent

The goal is to not need anything to meditate on your own. No apps, No video, No weekly classes. To have total confidence in your understanding of meditation that comes from quality & informed instruction.

Learn with us and build an authentic, solid grounding.

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Have time for a 10min chat? …


I’ve always got time to answer questions about individual practice of meditation.  

People often come to with a particular question. They can’t seem to find the answer to in all the books or google searches.

It’s usually because the answer is unique to them, to how they meditate. 

As my whole life is dedicated to helping people become independent in meditation, I’ve usually got that one idea that helps things click.


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(I’ve got all the time in the world. If you want a quick chat, and you seem cool, I’d be delighted.)




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Thanks for supporting me in doing what I love.