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… Round 2?

If you haven’t meditated today already, now would be a good time – so here’s the same guided audio link as yesterday or a different video to guide you through. 

Here’s the soundcloud:

…  or here’s the video

(be gentle with me, this video was shot some years ago now …)

Remember ...

A Few Reminders on how you’re actually doing it right

Tips & Tricks

Meditating Daily is Hard

Meditating each day is a massive habit to build, and may for many people, might be the most difficult, (but most rewarding) habit they grow in their lives.

Learning how to develop strategies and tactics for daily meditation is super important.

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Never Give Up.

We’ve all done it before. Giving up even though we know it’s good for you. 

Bring in your tactics to help fight for what you believe in – a daily meditation practice that brings you more happiness, calm, focus, and awareness.

If you can find a meditation school like us that offers free lifetime support and free weekly group meditations after your course, use them. They’ll help you stay on track.

Most people give up meditation simply because they don’t understand it. Meditation is easy to do, but difficult to understand – that’s why 80% of people give up. They simply need to understand how it works for them on a deeper level.

That’s it!

Thanks for taking the course!

It’s been fun making this course. And we dearly love meditation and being able to teach it the way we do. Scroll down to get an idea what Daily Meditation Berlin is all about.

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Can you do 7 days?


Only 10 minutes a day

With any habit, daily practice is what really brings the lifelong benefits.

We’re confident that you’ll keep it up.

So confident, that we think you’re up for a little challenge.

One week, each day, 10 minutes meditation. 

Feels like too much? Then try 5 minutes daily.

Feels like too little? Good, mini-habits like this are essential to build confidence. 

After you’ve successfully completed 7 days at 10 minutes, you can step up to 15 minutes a day. 

Then, one 15 minute meditation in the morning, and a 5 minute meditation in the late afternoon/evening. Brilliant to calm down after work, or to help with better sleep. 

Just like this, we build the practice. 

Don’t worry, we can be there for you every step of the way – letting you know when 7 days is up, and offering support. 

We believe daily meditation is a fundamental habit to a healthy & fulfilling life. And we’re here if you need us. 

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Our Program


Helping those who help.

Our program also aims to teach meditation and mindfulness techniques to volunteers in critical aid areas around the world.

These volunteers are at the front of humanities worst crises, the psychological toll is high and the work can often be thankless.

We aim to give these modern day heroes the tools they need to keep going, to keep doing good in the world and to stay positive

If you have access to decision makers in organizations, or volunteers in crisis areas, please contact us below.

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Help us, Help you!

Give Us Feedback on the course!

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Tell Us What You Feel …


Decisions … Decisions


Leave or Stay?




Thanks for dropping-by, I hope you got a bunch out of the course …

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You’ll get support, and details of what we’re up to In Berlin, (over the next days and weeks & months as you build your habit).

We hate spammy Emails. Though we don’t want to leave people behind who want to stay in contact!

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We’re here for you

Support, Free Live Online Q&A, Events, Podcasts, Video.

We’ll be in touch, as you need, all along the way

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That’s it for now … Go for a walk. Clean your room. Meet some friends.

See you later! 


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And see you next time!

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