Ever been perplexed about meditation? It’s a term that has been tossed around a lot lately. To make it more relatable, let’s draw a parallel with something familiar – the gym.

When you step into any gym, be it in the heart of Berlin or anywhere else, you’ll see people engaged in various activities. Some might be immersed in weightlifting, while others are training for a marathon, or perhaps practicing kickboxing. Though all these are classified under the umbrella term “exercise,” each has its own purpose and outcome.

Now, think of meditation in the same light. While it’s a singular term, the practices and outcomes can be as varied as the exercises in a gym. Monks might be engaging in deep, intense meditative practices – akin to weightlifting. Meanwhile, martial artists might be honing their mental agility with a form of Kung Fu meditation.

The key takeaway here is understanding that meditation is as vast and diverse as exercise. Just as a marathon runner may not benefit from a bodybuilder’s regime, certain meditation practices resonate more with specific individuals.

In conclusion, meditation isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s about finding what resonates with you, just as you would pick a preferred exercise in a gym.

Our goal at our Neukölln Studio, is to provide a meditation technique that’s flexible, easy and possible to do. No matter where you are, or what mental state you’re in.

clay people meditating in berlin gym