Blog Post: The River of Meditation and Its Quiet Lessons

Walking along the Spree in Berlin, you witness the gentle flow of the river. Some parts are calm, while others are turbulent. Just like meditation.

Imagine a student eager to learn, experiencing various sensations during meditation, just like the varying currents of a river. One day, full of enthusiasm, the student approaches the teacher, “I had so many amazing experiences during meditation!”

The wise teacher, not missing a beat, simply raises a hand and says, “It will pass. Experiences, whether good or bad, come and go. It’s like the unpredictable weather during a run. Rain or shine, you still reap the same benefits. The weather shouldn’t dictate your commitment.”

And this is the beauty of meditation. We shouldn’t get too attached to the experiences. They are fleeting, like clouds in the sky.

To drive this point home, the teacher shares a story. There were two students learning meditation. One always spoke about the intense sensations they felt, while the other remained quiet. One day, the expressive student was absent. The quiet student, curious, asked, “What are we doing differently?”

The teacher replied, “Some people are like big rivers; vast and silent. Others are like small rivers; noisy and vibrant. Both rivers carry the same amount of water, meaning everyone gains equal benefits from meditation. But just as rivers express themselves differently, so do meditators. Some benefits are loud and evident, while others are subtle and silent.”

Remember, whether in the heart of Berlin or on a secluded mountaintop, meditation’s benefits are universal. Don’t be swayed by the noise or the silence; just flow, like the river.

Wide and small rivers together