Liminal is a term popularized by anthropologists talking about rituals in society, especially coming of age rituals
        A ritual when you move from childhood to adulthood
            Some cultures will have you hunt a lion
            some cultures will send you away to fast for a week
            Some will simply perform a simply coming of age ceremony
        There’s the old world before the ritual
        the in-between world during the ritual, based on discovery, openness, and creativity
        Then the post-liminal, a return to the world changed
        The liminal space is a place of becoming. A place between worlds. Between the old you and a new you.
            Some people live in that in-between space
                Always in a process of becoming
                    Never belonging to one set worldview
                        These are what I can liminal people
        This is liminal mindset is fun, interesting, magical and creative.
            But then this in-between space can make it hard for doing.
                Always thinking, always re-inventing, but not much doing
        Take that into your day
            Do you notice yourself in-between sub-cultures and social circles
                Are you always in the process of growing, but find it difficult to get things done?
                    There’s an answer within ancient traditions of karma yoga, the yoga of skill in action
                        And Meditation with us in Neukölln, Berlin is just the practice for it.