Meditating in a Busy City Like Berlin: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Have you ever tried to focus on something, but the world around you was just too noisy? Many people think meditation is all about finding a super quiet spot and shutting out the world. But guess what? You can meditate even in the middle of a loud, bustling city like Berlin!

Imagine you’re at a big party with your best friend. You might chat with other people or check out a cool game. But no matter what, you always come back to your friend, right? Meditation is a lot like that. There might be noise and distractions, but you always come back to your calm center.

Here’s a fun story. In a peaceful place far from Berlin called Rishikesh, people went for a quiet retreat. But guess what happened? A dog barked all night! On another trip, it was super cold, and everyone was shivering. There’s always something, right?

There’s a smart guy named Alan Watts who once said, “If you can’t meditate in a noisy place, you can’t meditate.” What he meant was: real meditation isn’t about having total silence. It’s about being okay with the noise and still finding your calm spot.

One day, in a big city like Berlin, a group tried to meditate. Just as they closed their eyes, a loud band started playing right outside the window! Some might think, “Shut that window!” But the teacher thought differently. He believed that if they could find peace with the window open and the noise outside, they were truly meditating.

So, here’s the cool part: You can meditate anywhere, even in a lively city like Berlin. Next time you hear a car horn, kids playing, or music from a nearby cafe, don’t get annoyed. Think of it as part of your meditation. Every sound and moment is a chance to practice being calm and happy. So, give it a try! Who knows? You might just find your inner peace in the middle of all the fun and noise.