Nothing can hurt what we fundamentally are …


The idea, the mental experience, of nothing is helpful.


When people stumble into meditation, they already understand, somewhere deep inside, the value of nothing. 


But what is the value of nothing? 


Most people come to nothing, after experiencing too much hurtful something. 


It’s basic subconscious math. Something hurts, we try to solve it, (with wine or whisky) then that something else hurts us. 


Maybe, we think to ourselves, the addition method to removing hurt doesn’t work.


 Subtraction, though, feels natural. 


Yet we don’t know where to subtract to. We hear something about monks or meditation, and this appeals to that feeling. 


And you’re right. 


There is a nothing you can experience beyond the hurt. 


Everyone can experience it. 


Because everyone is experience-ing.


And you’re right, the way to experience this nothing beyond hurt, is a method of subtraction. 


We subtract, mentally, down to the foundation of what experience feels like. 


When we think we’ve found nothing, we look further. 


This will take some years of semi-regular practice. 


Subtraction down to the foundation of experience. 


It’s not strange, or rare. It’s what you came looking for. It requires only what you sought in the beginning. An experience of nothing.


You’ve thought a lot about something before, you know the experience of this. 


If you think a lot about nothing, you’ll know the experience of that also. 


Don’t make a big something about nothing. Just think about it, until you can experience it, then think of something more nothing than that. 


This will take you down to your foundation. 


You’ll realize the foundation of nothingness cannot be hurt. 


And you’ll experience that foundation of nothing as what you fundamentally are.

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