Space smiles at matter’s play 


You’ve walked through a forest, or nature, and felt a moment of vastness. 


A moment where things just feel alive, with a simple kind of lightness. 


It may seem like nature is the cause of this experience of beauty, and it is, but only partially. 


You’re also in awe of space. The vastness. 


You might notice that this vast space in nature just holds everything in it. Without pressure, without expectations or resistance. Nature just is, freely, in space. 


If you pay enough attention, it seems like space, if only a little, enjoys nature moving within it. 


People, which are clearly a part of nature, also love moving through space. The beauty of dance. The joy of speed, of smooth, expertly practiced movement. 


If you pay attention during these moments, space will be there. Not expecting anything of you. Not needing anything from you. Allowing you, the play of matter, to move through it, with an almost careful, parental attention.


Even at the darkest moments, space still has room. If you pay attention then, you notice that even though the story is dark, the space seems to understand something. Something you can’t see at the time. 


In Japanese they call this expression, “Mono no aware”, a kind of expression rich, empathy towards the impermanence of things. The expression of this imaginary face of space feels both parental, yet deeply humane. 


True, the smile of space changes with the change of the seasons. 


Space has been witness to things we can’t even imagine. 


Yet if you can feel the vast, heartfelt expression of space at these dark times. 


This awareness of space gives you the hope to move. 


And at these moments, again, space will smile at matter’s play. 


And you will too. As you begin to move.


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