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Beginner meditation courses can be held each month, depending on student interest, and private meditation courses at the students chosen location are always available in Berlin, Mitte.

Mitte, the oldest borough in Berlin was built in ancient times on a empty sandbank which the river spree forked and surrounded completely, forming a small island in the great river. First settlement was by fishermen, who found the place perfect for protection due to its small island nature, but provided plenty of opportunities to catch fish.

In modern times, Mitte was one of two neighbourhoods that include sections from both old West and East Berlin. Now, with Mitte’s many tourists, internationals, bars, and luxury appartments and stores, the people of Mitte search for a little more claity, calm and focus with a daily meditation technique – beating any other area in Berlin for online searches of meditation practice or tools for stress reduction.

If you live in Mitte, and have taken a course with us, free weekly group courses are available in this area throughout the month.

Teachers often find themselves in this area working with schools, businesses, and co-working spaces, helping to show people how to be more effective and present in daily life. So don’t hesitate to ask for a quick intro session from a teacher, they could just be nearby!

If you have any questions about learning meditation in the heart and fascinating initial settlement of Berlin, simply contact us here and speak with a teacher.


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