This is the first day of your course …

We’re not going to rush into practicing meditation, (rushing into meditation is never a good idea …)

Today you’ll get some of the basics on how to approach your meditation.

This is an important step to meditating in the best way possible.

Build a solid foundation.

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Your course too.

This course is built by the people, for the people. It’s always growing and evolving through your recommendations and input.

We want you to feel like it’s your course too.

We want to help meditation fit you.

You help it grow

Our dream is to create the best free, high-quality, online meditation course.

We believe people should own meditation for themselves, without labels.

So don’t forget to offer your unique voice and help it grow!

[P.S. from Ed: Be gentle with me, these videos were shot a while ago …]

Your Tool

Forgetting everything …

Let’s start fresh with a clean slate. Forget what you’ve heard or learned about meditation. We believe meditation should only be defined by your personal experience.

This means the stereotypes don’t own it. The hippies don’t own it. The tech world doesn’t own it. It’s your experience, forget other peoples definitions of meditation. Your experience belongs to you.

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No need to make a big deal of it …

Take it easy. The way that we teach isn’t about beating yourself up. It’s not about hating yourself, or hating on your „monkey mind“.

Everyone does enough hating of their minds already.

With the Daily Meditation Berlin method of meditation, we love all kinds of minds.

People with busy minds often find this style of meditating easier to practice. So stop worrying if you’ll be good at it! You’ll be great.

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You’re Different

Every mind is different.

You’re going to meditate differently than everyone else. No need to judge yourself against others. Everyone experiences just what they need to in their daily meditation. Remember, it’s yours.

In our method, it’s all about the practice of meditation. We don’t care much for cool experiences in meditation, (although they can & do happen). Meditation is so much more than a few thankful, (but rare) moments of peace.

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Why Free?

How we create amazing free stuff …

In this online course, we try our best to use a part of the Daily Meditation Method to work with how you meditate, in your own way.

You’re unique, and so are your questions about meditation.

In all honesty, that’s why we’re so comfortable giving away this online course for free.

We know that we can offer high-quality meditation instruction in your course online – yet never have the beautiful, ancient, traditional, face-to-face instruction of meditation be replaced with an app or online course.

People are too different. Their questions about how they all meditate are too different.

So, you can get a great technique to practice on your own here, but if you want personalised lifetime support, an authentic ancient technique and professional face-to-face instruction, nothing ever beats learning the real thing from a teacher face-to-face.

If 1 in 100 people who take this course learns face-to-face with us, that’s how we get by. So that’s it. That’s how it works!

No donations.

No holding back.


If you have any questions about our …. 

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Whatever time you plan to meditate , we recommend that you avoid large meals or caffeine a few hours before you start.

 Also, I know you’re excited to start meditating online, but make sure you watch each video and read each section – it will make it all much easier!


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